M1 | Reference Check Requirement

Reference checks are performed on most of our applicants, with some exceptions for candidates through internal referrals.

We strongly recommend that you prepare the information and documents below in the early stage of your interview process.

1. Reference calls

Reference calls generally take place before signing the offer letter.

We will need you to

  • provide 2 contacts from your 2 most recent companies you worked for.
  • The contact information should include:

    1. Their full name 
    2. Their current company and title
    3. Email address (preferred work email)
    4. Your work relationship with the contact: how long you've known this contact, and company/ project you two have worked together on
  • confirm with your contacts on their availability and willingness to do the reference calls with us within in the next 1-3 business days.

2. Employment Verification Letter

Employment verification letter from your most recent employer is generally expected within one week of your employment with us.

The letter must be in English and has these details

  1. The company name and registered address
  2. Your name and title at the company
  3. Your employment period (start date and end date)
  4. A brief description of your responsibilities
  5. The company HR contact information (name, email, and phone number)
  6. Sign and seal (where applicable)

Tips: to speed up the process, you can provide your company with a pre-written employment verification letter with your information already filled in. The company then only needs to do the review and signing, which saves their time and yours. Here is a template for your reference.