Interview Guide

Interview Guide

All interviews will be conducted virtually over Zoom until it is safe to arrange physical meetings where we have offices.

Hiring Process

This interview process might be subjected to changes on a case by case basis. If you have a short timeline, the whole process can be completed within 3 days (screen to offer letter).

Round 1 | Screening | Fit Based | Required | 15-20 minutes

Quick call with our Employee Experience team for us to get to know you, the highlights of your relevant experience, and what you are looking for in your next role and team. We will also share about our global team, how we work together, and what to expect when joining us.

We want to make sure there's a good fit in terms of expectations and culture before asking you to go through our main interview process.

Round 2 | Case Study | Technical Based | Required | Take-home assignment

Each role will come with a small case study for us to assess your thought process and technical abilities. The quality and logic are more important than the completion of the task.

Depending on the role, we will provide you with a recommend time allotment between 1-6 hours (i.e. most case studies take ~2 hours). You can spend more or less time than the recommendation, but we expect candidates to submit the case study within in 3-5 days after receiving it.

We will send you our feedback in 2-3 days after you submit. If you are moved to the next round, our team will give you feedback directly in the technical interview.

Round 3 | Interview(s) | Technical Based | Required | 30-60 minutes

There could be up to 2 technical interviews about the case study you completed: one with our team members and the other with one of our co-founders. In this round, we will discuss about your case study submission, your technical capabilities, and a deep dive of your past working experience.

Round 4 | Interview(s) | Fit Based | Optional | 30 minutes

For certain positions and based on timing, you may chat with a team member you will work closely with or one of the co-founders to get know each other to assess whether you will "fit" and thrive with the team.

Round 5 | Reference Check(s) | Fit Based | Optional | 1-5 days

As the final step, we might conduct reference checks before making an offer. We will inform you when a background check or employment verification is required. The document below outlines what information we need for this step

M1 | Reference Check Requirement


Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you reach round 2 or 3, we will ask you to sign an NDA before we share more specific details about company, product roadmap, and vision.

Offer Letter/Employment Agreement

After a verbal and/or text discussion about final compensation package, we will send you an expiring offer in the form contract via email.

Interviews Tips

  • All of our virtual interviews are video calls. If you are not prepared for video calls, we will ask you to reschedule. Before each call, please make sure to check your webcam, video & audio connection on Zoom, and find a quiet place with good internet connection.
  • For the initial interview: you should be ready to share the details of your work history or past projects. A well-structured resume will be helpful for this.
  • For the technical interviews: you should have your development environment set up and ready to be shared through Zoom screen sharing when needed.
  • Our interviews are conducted fully in English. Difficulties due to different accents might occur, and this should not discourage you from trying your best to communicate with us.
  • When you need clarification or have problem catching up, simply ask us to rephrase or to slow down. Make sure you understand the question or the problem clearly before answering.
  • When you get stuck, be honest about it and communicate your thoughts or ideas.

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